My healing experience started at the age of 14 where I wanted to get answers for the tingling and energy I felt in my palms. it’s been a long road since then and I have used my healing practices all over the world, from treating surfers in Bondi beach Australia, to healing rescued racehorses in Suffolk!

I use a method of energy healing and Reiki Seichem.

So what IS Reiki Seichem?

🌌 Unlike Reiki that uses just the Earth energy ( Life force energy) Reiki Seichem uses ALL 4 elements making it extremely powerful.
🌌 Air Energy – Sweeps away negative thought patterns we have about ourselves
🌌 Fire Energy – Rids us of dogma & old belief systems. Heals the emotional route cause.
🌌 Water energy – Physical detox your body & releases negative emotions
🌌 Earth Energy – Nurturing, grounding

Prices – £80 for 50-minute session ( In-person )

Distant Healing £25 – 20 -minute session

Healing Itinerary – In person

🌿 Introduction and body scan – 10 minutes

🌿 Healing – 30-35 minutes

🌿 Recuperation & feedback – 10 minutes


🙌🏻 Take it easy. Set aside sometime after your session even if it’s 20 minutes.

🙌🏻 Drink plenty of water to flush any toxins or stagnant energy out of your system

🙌🏻 Go easy on yourself! You may feel more emotional than usual, tearful or even feel anger, it’s a release! Go with it!

🙌🏻 Try to avoid alcohol and eat healthily for 24 hours if possible

🙌🏻 Take it easier today, go for a walk in the park, sit in your garden or just rest.

‘I woke up this morning with no back pain, thanks so much!’

‘This has really eased my sciatica thanks!’

‘The pain post-surgery has really subsided thankyou!’


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Contact me by email at sianday2@hotmail.co.uk