I’m an international Psychic medium and Youtuber that has performed thousands of readings world wide with over a thousand 5 star reviews.

I pride myself on giving highly ACCURATE readings which are COMPASSIONATE, DETAILED, non-judgemental & without the sugar-coating.

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Client Testimonials

  • ‘So, if you want to just hear sweet lies, do NOT get a reading here. She is bang on, and its not always the sugar coated pill we want to swallow. I’ve done 3 readings this year, and they have all been sooooo accurate. I’m rating one from a month ago because it was super true but did one yesterday too that was great. She will continue to get my business, and quite frankly she could charge so much more and be worth every penny!!!!’

  • ‘I feel she connected to my situation very well and the month seems to be panning out the way she described, so very good, thank you xx ‘

  • ‘Her service is superb!!! I love her readings, very detailed and informative. She is one of my favorite readers. Highly recommend!’

  • ‘Unbelievably true and accurate. Felt like I’ve known her years. Will be back in the new year for more insights!’

  • ‘Absolutely AMAZING!! Fantastic personality A+, and yes.. not just blowing smoke, but she DEFINITELY tuned in to MY PERSONAL ENERGY & SITUATION!! THANK YOU!! I will return for SURE!! 😊’

  • ‘Amazing gifted psychic with clear answers and advice specific to my questions/issues. Can recommend!’

  • ‘Told me exactly what I needed to know – highlighted the key things to watch out for and advice on how to handle things, as well as a welcome reminder that nothing is set in stone! Thank you!’

  • ‘Loved my reading! On point!! Lovely reader. Was delivered so fast! She is great can find her on FB and Insta!!!’

  • ‘Sorry meant to do this sooner! Gifted reader! Everything she spoke to felt connected to things I am going through. Thank you x ‘

  • ‘Always good timekeeping in getting back to you. Accurate and to the point. Also honest and willing to give advice to guide you. Thank you.’

  • ‘So far the predictions happened. She’s really kind and even though you might get something you don’t want to hear or you don’t want to happen, she’ll tell it in way to be both not sugar coated and kindly, not in a hurtful way. I recommend. Contact buyer’