SAME DAY emergency Telepathy Read His Mind!





🌈 This reading answers the below questions 🌈 ( 300 – 500 words ).

🌙 Are you going through a rough patch?
🌙 Are you afraid they have become distant?
🌙 Do you want to know what the future holds for you both?

🌟PLEASE 🌟give me your question with detail if possible. it helps me to connect than something very vague. You can add a photo if you wish. This reading will use minimal cards and only if the connection calls for it.

🧙‍♀️I am one of the top, best-selling Etsy readers that has performed thousands of readings with a high accuracy rate.

❤️ I am Psychic – I can see future events
❤️ Clairvoyant – I can see images from spirit to guide me on your readings
❤️ Empathic – I pick up on people’s feelings
❤️ Tarot Reader – I use tarot as an extra tool to confirm my feelings
❤️ I’m a TRIPLE Cancerian – Cancer sun, Cancer moon, Cancer rising and SUPER sensitive god damn it!

It will be delivered via Etsy messages and you will receive a thank you download from me.

My reading style is like talking to a best friend, gentle, empathic and loving no matter WHAT the outcome may be and I want you to feel empowered & often give extras – links & free courses -to help you heal if needed x x x x 🥰

I am an empath/psychic with mediumship abilities – it runs in the family. I perfected my craft in an open circle in London before starting out for a short time as a fledgling medium, performing readings on platform in spiritual churches in London.

If you do not feel I have connected to you, please just send me a message, happy to help!

PLEASE NOTE: All readings are for guidance purposes only. You alone are responsible for your perceptions and decisions. No foreseen outcome should be taken as a guarantee.
I do not do health, pregnancy or legal readings. I do not do health, pregnancy, legal questions and you have to be over 18.

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