Tarot Course


I have given over 1,000 professional tarot readings and my aim is to teach you how to read for yourself and for others too!

This course incorporates both PDF & Video tutorials to gently guide you through the world of tarot and help you to learn the the basics of the cards within a week!


❤️ Over an hour of video tutorials
❤️ Understanding the imagery of the Tarot
❤️ Tarot Numerology
❤️ How to develop Intuition
❤️ Different card combinations
❤️ The scary tarot cards
❤️ The simple steps on how to do a reading
❤️ Different Tarot spreads
❤️ A trusted guided meditation to connect to spirit & enhance your readings
❤️ Q & A section of the most commonly asked tarot problems

My aim is to teach you how to read using your intuition without the ritual, old school rules and dogma!

The course will be £25 and will be sent to you by email within a few hours.

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